What to do when a death occurs

If a death occurs at home

The first step is to contact the deceased’s GP. At this stage we recommend you contact a local Funeral Director, who will advise and guide you through the process at this difficult time.

The Coroner

When someone dies suddenly, or the death was unexplained, it is generally investigated by the local authority in the area. The most common reason for the Coroner to be involved, is that the doctor has not seen the patient within fourteen days.

If this is the case, the Coroner may be able to determine that the death was of natural causes, therefore allowing a doctor to issue the medical certificate.

If the Coroner cannot determine he will then arrange for an examination, to ascertain what the cause of death was. The Coroner will issue the Cause of Death Certificate once known, and forward it onto the Registrars, where family will then be able to proceed with registering. If an inquest is opened, the family will be informed, and the next stage explained by the Coroner and Funeral Director.

Registration of a death

Registration of a death is normally within five working days, and will preferably be by a family member.

If a death occurs in hospital, the Funeral Director will liaise with the staff, and organise the necessary paperwork.

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